Spinning wheels give compass, direction left to right,
Ah the starry woman, she’s starry to the night,
Beside the sunrise flickering, from curtain to the draw,
The dreams become so binding, together forevermore.

We stitch and sew some pattern, cotton, silk and wool,
Time a kiss her lip, and tongue to catch a thrill,
Picnic on the clouds, fed so high above,
We’re one to a skywalk, as the sky then fills with love.

The colours match her heart, rainbow from head to toe,
She begins to write her start, before I come to know,
In her book she whispers, time and time again,
She plans the perfect project, which echoes in the main.

The labels are so pretty, stunning to serene seen,
A vision to such a capture, within desire to such a dream,
Together to begin, and couples freckle fro,
She exudes her beauty now, and together we begin to grow.

The scrapbook has begun, and chapters spring to mind,
We’ve ended the first of many; now write a second bind,
Write a little more, of heart and heart we’re swooned,
Project together forever, and forever together marooned.